Underwater Hockey Masks

When it comes to masks you need the greatest vision with the minmum glass. It's all about trying to strike a balance as some masks have great vision but to achieve this the glass is one large part which is prone to being broken if the puck hits it.

Aqualung Sphera

Technisub Sphera

This mask is very low profile which it achieves by having single curved lenses each side of the mask. The Sphera's lenses curve around to the side of the mask. The major downside of this is it can give some players blurred vision, headaches and sickness all caused by the distortion of the lense. Having said that some people swear by them. One to try before you buy!


Aqualung Favola

Aqualung Favola

The Favola guarantees an incredible field of vision. The lenses are at an incline providing a wide angle of view upwards and downwards.


Scubapro Futura 1

Scubapro Futura 1

An old skool mask built to take punishment! Where the Technisub masks break from bumps and knocks this mask will still be going strong. Despite the sturdy frame the visibility is impressive and it still maintains a very low profile.


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