Underwater Hockey Snorkels

There are many snorkels to choose from but when it comes to Underwater Hockey its best to go for a simple design. Many snorkels are designed for Scuba diving and are overly expensive and have features such as “dry tops” to prevent water entering the snorkel or hard plastic drain valves. This makes them bulky and could damage your teeth if you get a knock to the face.

The best snorkels for hockey have a flexible tube (if it’s stiff it can scratch people), a wide bore (easier to clear water and get more air into your mouth) and a flexible mouth section with or without a drain valve. Drain valves are a personal preference but most players tend to like them as they reduce the amount of water re-entering the mouth, whereas snorkels without require more or pressure to clear but the player feels a more “solid” clearance.

Most players will customise their snorkels and cut the tube down so it is level with the top of their head which makes the snorkel less cumbersome and reduces drag in the water. Snorkels are normally designed for splashing around in the sea and are too long in their design for hockey, however don’t cut them down right away. Get used to playing with a new snorkel and trim a bit off and repeat a few sessions later until you get a snorkel you’re happy with.

Beaver Prestige

Beaver Prestige Snorkel

A popular snorkel amongst the hockey players. Once it's cut down the entire snorkel is robust, flexible and the mouth section is very safe for the teeth as the mouth/valve housing section is entirely silicone.


Canam Large Bore Snorkel

Canam Large Bore Snorkel

This snorkel comes with either a drain valve or standard and is well suited to hockey.


St Albans Underwater Hockey Club is not affiliated with any manufacturers or retailers. This article represents the impartial opinions of the club members and is to be treated as a rough guide.